The Project - A Sequel

[ what's it all about?! ]

~ Charlie and Taylor's emails 20-24-Dec-99

~ Kayla and Charlie shoot a Commercial 27-30-Dec-99
- Go check out their day!

~ Keryn's Journal 29-Dec-99

~ Ike's Journal 30-Dec-99

~ Charlie's 2000 Cosmic List 31-Dec-99

~ Millennium 31-Dec-99/1-Jan-00
- The party and some other interesting stuff :o)

~ Kayla's Journal 31-Dec-99

~ Kayla's letter to Mauro 4-Jan-00

~ Don't Be Stupid, You Know I Love You 4-Jan-00
- Just after New Years

~ Justin's Postcard/Keryn's reply 4-Jan-00

~ Here : Now 20-Jan-00
- Changes and new opportunities

~ Last Confrontation 8-Feb-00
- Ike and Kayla hit the bottom

~ Charlie's letter to Kayla and her reply 27/30-April-00

~ Updates 30-April-00

~ Kerynís Diary 30-April-00

~ Unknowns 9-June-00

~ LA 16-June-00

~ The Green Grass and the Bright Blue Sky 16-June-00
- Adventures of the gang as they re-group

~ Something's Wrong 17-June-00

~ This Life 17-June-00
- Everything starts to piece together

~ Isaac's Journal 17-June-00

~ Kayla's emails 17-June-00

~ The Night 17-June-00

~ To Laugh Or Not To Laugh... 19-June-00
- Part One

~ ... That Is The Question 19-June-00
- Part Two

~ Feeling Better 20-June-00

~ The Letter 20-June-00

~ Fame, Planes and Automobiles 20-June-00 Added 13-Sept
- Starting the TTA Tour 2000 :o)

~ Because You Look Hot In That Wifebeater 21-June-00 Added 13-Sept
- From Florida to Tulsa

~ The Tour Bus 24-June-00 Added 15-Sept
- Introduction to life on a tour bus

~ Keryn & Charlie's Emails / Added 15-Sept

Note: The dates on these chapters are supposed to be when the actual events of the story are happening. For example, "The Letter" took place on the 20th of June. If another date occurs somewhere on the link, that just means it was the date the chapter was added to the website. They are all in order.

The Project is made up of chapters and various diary entries, letters and emails from the characters. The chapters are highlighted in bold and the letters and entries are in normal text.

Due to request, we might start putting things like "Installment One, Two, Three, etc." in front of the event so it is easier to follow. I hope that cleared a few things up.