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Updated - 18 December 1999
Chapters 49 & 50


~chapter one~"milk cordial"~

~chapter two~"taylor's boxers"~

~chapter three~"insomnia"~

~chapter four~"kinky"~

~chapter five~"ouch"~

~chapter six~"marshmallow mission"~

~chapter seven~"I want my vegemite!"~

~chapter eight~"warning"~

~chapter nine~"Dan for short"~

~chapter ten~"Explaination"~

~chapter eleven~"Oh God, I'm delirious"~

~chapter twelve~"168 hours in my week"~

~chapter thirteen~"Keryn's bridge"~

~chapter fourteen~"big mistake"~

~chapter fifteen~"confused"~

~chapter sixteen~"perfect timing"~

~chapter seventeen~"at last"~

~chapter eighteen~"friends?"~

~chapter nineteen~"I hope he falls down the toilet?"~

~chapter twenty~"moody"~

~chapter twenty~one ~"A case of the green eyed monster"~

~chapter twenty~two~"what everyone wants?"~

~chapter twenty~three ~"not suppose to happen"~

~chapter twenty~four~"tragic"~

~chapter twenty~five ~"mustin justin custard"~

~chapter twenty~six ~"reflections"~

~chapter twenty~seven ~"zac knows everything"~

~chapter twenty~eight ~"the demanding phone"~

~chapter twenty~nine ~"what the hell is going on"~

~chapter thirty ~"letters"~

~chapter thirty~one ~"speed two"~

~chapter thirty~two ~"titanic"~

~chapter thirty~three ~"nights"~

~chapter thirty~four ~"emotion"~

~chapter thirty~five ~"twisted"~

~chapter thirty~six ~"storm"~

~chapter thirty~seven ~"kiss the rain"~

~chapter thirty~eight ~"On the third stroke, the time will be . . ."~

~chapter thirty~nine ~"overpriced phones"~

~chapter fourty ~"the last night"~

~chapter fourty~one ~"It looked fun on Oprah"~

~chapter fourty~two ~"Ordering Chinese for dinner"~

~chapter fourty~three ~"Coming to Grips"~

~chapter fourty~four ~"Twist of Plans"~

~chapter fourty~five ~"Cross Country"~

~chapter fourty~six ~"Love"~

~chapter fourty~seven ~"Cross Country 2"~

~chapter fourty~eight ~"Did it?"~

~chapter fourty~nine ~"Tragedy"~

~chapter fifty ~"End of an Era"~

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